Merry Christmas to Our Customers and Employees

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The dawning of 2020 came with fresh hope for companies in the furniture industry. But as the year unraveled itself more, these hopes were beginning to fade with the encroachment of COVID-19.


This was a shocking invasion for the industry as it put many companies on hold, while others were shut down. It was really a big shake!


The prices of furniture fluctuated, as well as the prices of raw materials used in a manufacturing office chair.


For us at Foshan Deyou Furniture Co., Ltd., we moved through the year gracefully as our hard-working team of workers gave in their best to ensure that we manufacturer office furniture that meets the needs of our customers as well as enhancing the working quality in the office.


Our employees made sure that our wholesale office chair would be available to all customers and delivered at the appropriate time and location.


Not being sure of the possibility of meeting the needs of our global teeming customers was our fear as the COVID-19 rose.


But with the immense contributions from our workers as well as their commitment, we were able to sustain our increasing market scale.


We won't forget the ever increasing support from our customers which eventually gave us the boost to sustain our production.

 Merry Christmas

We are indeed grateful to our customers for the incredible purchase this year despite the pandemic. We are fortunate to have customers who are committed to our services.


With the folding up of this troubled year globally, we couldn't end it in a better way than celebrating this season with our customers and employees.


The Christmas season is an interesting moment for everyone as they celebrate with families, friends, neighbors and colleagues. It is a moment everyone looks forward to. Therefore, we at Foshan Deyou Furniture Co., Ltd., ensured to make it a memorable one.


Gifts and packages were handed out to our loyal customers who have been consistent in purchasing wholesale office chair from us. These gestures were to express our heartfelt gratitude, and to ensure they celebrate Christmas in style.


The company also extended these gestures and even more to all the staff and employees of the company. For all the hard work and dedication to their various duties, we said "thank you". Gladness filled their hearts as they received the rewards and gifts given to them.


They all promised to keep up with the good work and remain committed. Head of departments also commended their teams and congratulated them on a job well done.


With this, we are sure that our employees, staff and customers will have an amazing Christmas celebration as they share the love, excitement and merry with their families and loved ones.


As the leading office chair manufacturer, we delight in informing you that our sales and services are still on, as well as our communication mediums.


We are always ready to take your orders and provide you with the best service ever. We have not dropped in our standards and will not either. We choose to satisfy your needs.


Being a reputable and leading brand in this industry with proven excellence, you are sure to have your purchase of wholesale office chair from us.


We are sure to satisfy your needs as well as adding fashion and class to your workspace. Our products are certain to stand the test of time and give you the comfort you desire. Kindly contact us for more inquiries.


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