How to Pick the Best Office Chair

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To ask current consumers, do you work standing up? Or sit and work? I believe that many office workers must be sitting at work, so they have to lift officeworks chairs. So how to judge the quality of office chair? What kind of chair is the most comfortable desk chair?

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1、 Sliding resistance

The modern office desks and chairs used in daily life are all equipped with pulleys. One step we need to test is whether the sliding of pulleys is flexible. Unqualified chairs will feel blocked and not smooth when they move. If the sliding is not smooth, unexpected conditions may occur during our working hours, which may cause harm to users.

2、 Stability

What is stability? I think we will see some people lean on the modern office chair after work. It looks like the office chair is about to fall down. The qualified office chair is that no matter where our center of gravity is placed on the office chair, it will not show the situation of roll back and so on.

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3、 Seat impact

What is the seating surface? The seat is where we are. I think some friends have heard about the explosion of office chair before, which led to the appearance of personal injury. For some fat friends, if they suddenly sit on the office chair, overweight may cause the seat surface unable to bear the impact force, resulting in the fracture of the panel and other conditions, thus forming the condition of personal injury.

4、 Chassis

The modern office chair chassis is a very important thing. As mentioned above, the impact bearing of the seat surface, the chassis is the connection attached to the seat surface. Some bad businesses do not have this chassis, or they choose the chassis such as plastic products. The previous explosion of the office chair directly penetrated the seat surface and directly inserted into the body. Generally, the normal and qualified office chairs are made of iron products, such a situation will not present a situation of direct penetration.

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5、 Flame retardant

Flame retardancy, which is also well understood literally, is the function of blocking burning. For example, we can place a burning cigarette end in the gap between the seat surface and the backrest, or in the middle of the seat surface and other positions. In one hour, it can't present the situation of smoldering, igniting, burning, etc. Otherwise, it is easy to cause potential safety hazards.


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