How to Choose A Best Coffee Table?

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There are various kinds of coffee table,like small glass coffee table, glass top coffee table,round coffee table and so on. Also many functions of coffee table, which can put books, magazines, drinks and food, and even play games on it. Usually, the coffee table will be placed in the center of the living room, adults will unconsciously put their feet on it, and children will use it as a drawing board. In order to maintain the integrity of the living room, you can choose a coffee table that is in line with your own home style. The coffee table is made of marble, wood, glass, cloth, metal and rattan. Which one is suitable for your living room? Material, size, function, color and so on are all factors you need to consider when selecting.


Firstly, you should think about what is your goal for purchasing a coffee table.Before purchasing, you should carefully measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to ensure the size of the required coffee table. If you have a large living room, you need a large coffee table. In addition, a bench can be placed at one end of the coffee table, and two small stools can be placed at the other end to fill the gap.

If you have two or more sofas in your living room, you may as well choose glass top coffee tables of the same type to avoid inconvenient handling of items. Such a way of arrangement is also convenient for people's sight to move easily.

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Coffee table with edge is the best choice for families with children or frequent guests, so as to prevent food, snacks, red wine, coffee, etc. from scattering on the carpet. And the height of the coffee table should also be consistent with the height of the surrounding sofa cushion. The height of the coffee table should not be higher than the height of the cushion, otherwise it is not convenient to hold the cup. Usually the height of the coffee table is 60cm.

If you don't want the coffee table to be the visual focus in the living room, you can choose a coffee table with a glass table top, and the color of the wood frame is similar to the color of other indoor items, so that you can disperse your vision.

If you want to make living room space more fashionable, you can choose a transparent glass coffee table with metal frame, which will make the space look more barrier free.

The old wooden desktop with white paint wooden frame, both retro and modern sense. An antique leather case is placed under the table to increase the storage space.


The cloth coffee table will lead people's eyes to the surrounding furniture. The rose red cloth coffee table here makes the living room fashionable and comfortable. The white tray on the desktop will soften the visual impact of rose red. Of course, when choosing this kind of coffee table, we should pay attention to the selection of cloth. Waterproof and antifouling outdoor materials will be more suitable to avoid linen and fabrics with high content of rayon or viscose fiber, so as to ensure that once polluted by red wine or coffee, the coffee table can also be cleaned.

The height of the coffee table should be consistent with that of the surrounding sofa and seat, generally about 60cm.

If you like the retro style, you can choose such an antique cart as a coffee table to create a strong retro feeling. And when you buy, you must pay attention to check the pulley to prevent scratching the floor or carpet.

If you are fascinated by art, such a sculpture like wooden tea table will add luster to your living room. Clear wood texture and smooth lines give off elegant temperament. When using, please put the coaster in advance to prevent the coffee table from scalding.

The height and width of the coffee table may be not your real needs, in addition to basic practicality, it also need to meet the aesthetic requirements of space. In the picture, in the white living room, a low black coffee table is placed in the middle to create a sense of dislocation on the line of sight, while not blocking the TV cabinet in front, which conforms to the proportion principle of home decoration.


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