How To Fix Office Chair?

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Whatever thing you are buying either for your home or office, you have to think about your comfort and what you stand to gain in purchasing such an item. The office chair in your home study or the office needs to be fixing properly to avoid some discomfort.


Before purchasing, you would have to consider the one that will suit your stature and sit comfortably for you and your staff. So fixing the office chair properly is very important for your health.


Most manufacturers put a guide manual that shows and gives your guide on fixing your office chair. There are many manufacturers in the market for the chair, but you need to choose wisely.


It would help if you were keen on fixing it because it comes in different sizes. You should not put the small parts for the big one. You need to be more careful and read the guide to know how to assemble it properly. Most importantly, for longevity, safety, and comfort purchasing an office chair from an experienced and reputable manufacturer is the most recommended option.

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How to fix office Chair

The steps to take and how to fix the chairs are carefully explained below.


1. The first thing to do is to unload all the chair items. See what is inside and place them aside as it comes in different packs. Some will be separated in nylon like the boot. So you need to open it and set it aside.

2. The second step you take is to locate casters and the starbase. It would be best if you are thrust the casters into the starbase. For easy handling, you can check the manual to see how it is done.

3. The third steps require you to put a gas strut cover over the gas strut. You may not be conversant with these names of the chair part, but when you purchase your office chair from a reliable manufacturer, it comes with adequate instruction.

4. After the third step, you need to fix the gas strut into the starbase.  This will make the chair to be tighter whenever any staff sits on it.

5. Then you need to fix the mechanism as it is shown in the guide manual given. When fixing in the first steps, the chair was upside down. This will make it easy to fix into the mechanism. At this stage, you bolt it together with the bolt that comes with it.

6. Now you have to connect the back of the seat, by putting the bolt provided where necessary.

7. Next, fix the handles of the office chair.

8. Connect the armrest to the bottom of the office chair, you just put it into the chair and screw the bolt.

9. Fix the chair on the gas strut and starbase perfectly.

10. Connect the headrest.


Do you need a comfortable office Chair?

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