How To Clean Mesh Office Chair

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Although mesh back office chairs are not cheaply, they are unique such that they support each work day’s activity.


They also help reduce the possible stress that might arise from back pain at work and bring so much comfort. The fact that they are made in a detachable form makes proper cleaning possible as the various parts of the chair can be removed.


Also the mesh material used in making these chairs are of superior quality. The mesh materials used in this chairs’ production process are a breathable design made from Korean and are usually placed on seat and back rest.


Although mesh black office chairs made with mesh fabrics are durable even after being cleaned, it is advisable you source for them from a renowned manufacturer. This ensures that you invest in the right product that will come with lots of comfort and durability.   


Methods of Cleaning a Mesh Back Office Chair

1. Immediate Removal of Stains upon Contact

Stains are to be removed at points of occurrence before any form of discoloration of the black mesh fabric or before they become hard to clean up after properly settling into the holes of the chair.

 black mesh office chair

Stain remover to be used should first be tried by spraying a portion of it on an invisible part of the mesh black office chair before it is used for cleaning.


A supple dry cloth and an effective stain remover that won’t change the color of the mesh fabric are used to remove spills from food, drinks or dust by applying pressure in a manner whereby the mesh fabric won’t be damaged.


2. Cleaning Using a Vacuum Cleaner

All debris and dust are eradicated with a vacuum cleaner after a supple dry microfiber cloth is used to remove all debris combined with crumbs retained on the mesh black office chair during lunch.


Crumbs and stubborn bits of dirt that have settled into the tiny holes that serve as a shelter in the breathable mesh fabric are taken out using a high-quality handheld vacuum cleaner.


3. Cleaning By Detaching the Separate Parts

Stains that are tough to remove are easily removed by separating the chair’s e different parts for proper cleaning.


4. Swab the Whole Chair

After tough stains are removed and the mesh black office chairs are allowed to dry out, a quality sterilizer is applied on an under portion of the chair. Any change in the color or damage of the chair is noted before the sterilizer is applied on other part.


Warm water and soap can be used in cleaning the chair in a case where sterilizers are obtainable. Warm water and detergent can be used to clean the plastic part of the chair or metal parts like the armrest while the mesh fabric part gets dried.

The base of the mesh black office chair, wheel and its structure of support is also cleaned with water and detergent or sprayed.


After drying the various the other parts of the mesh black office chair are fixed together and the chair looks as good as new.


Ways To Ensure a Mesh Black Office Chair Remains Clean

1. The mesh black office chair can be kept clean by avoiding sandwich and lunch during work hours so food crumbs are not occasionally dropped on it.

 black mesh office chair

2. The mesh black office chair should be cleaned after each day’s work to reduce the amount of time that will be needed for thorough cleaning. 


3. The mesh black office chair should be cleaned Fridays after work so a clean sparkling chair Mondays. 


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