A Buyer’s Guide To Office Chair Castor Wheels

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An office chair is very important in an office certain. You definitely cannot stand all day at work. For this reason, you will need an office chair and not just any kind of chair, but one with a castor wheel.


You may wonder what importance the castor wheel has on an office chair compared to other kinds of chairs. Castor wheel gives you comfort, minimize fatigue and aid easy movement.


Whether the office chair you are using doesn't have a castor wheel or it's broken, it is not a problem.


Purchasing a new office chair and castor wheels are pretty simple, especially when you have a few buying guides and tips on your fingertip, and most importantly, buying from a reputable office chair manufacturer.

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Tip for Purchasing New Office Chair Castors


Measuring the Caster

Casters have different sizes, so you will need the measurement of the old one (this is just for a start).


A tape or rule is used to measure the diameter of the caster. It is not compulsory to have the castor the same size as the old one. It could be higher, causing the height of the office chair to increase, or reduce, when it is a smaller one.


Haven seen the above, it is important for you to know that the stem of the castor wheel must remain the same size as the old one.


A ruler or tape can be used to take its measurement. However, the difference in the top of the old and new one is irrelevant.


Choosing the Best Caster

After the measurement is done, you are free to choose the kind of caster you desire. A question of the effectivity of your former castor wheel will help in your choice; how effective was your former castor? Did it hinder you at any point in time from working effectively? How easy did it roll over your carpet?


Haven't asked these questions, you now have the insight on whether to continue with your previous castor or explore other options available to you. The difference in floor types is clear. And each of these floors is selective when it comes to casters.


Take an example of a soft wheel castor. This is used on hard surfaces, to prevent over sliding in the environment which can be a problem for an elderly person, unlike a teenager who has the leg strength to hold the chair at a fixpoint.


Just as a soft castor, the hard castor also has its specialized floor type which is the carpet area. Using a soft caster on this type of floor will be stressful because it's grip will be very strong, preventing you from moving your chair. This can cause you to strain as well as to sustain an injury.


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