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In recent years, office design has been booming. Technology and new work systems have made interior design trends in this field evolve by leaps and bounds.

Leisure Chair

There are endless possibilities that the market offers us to renew the appearance of these spaces. Nowadays, more workplaces bet on a more modern and avant-garde design for their facilities, especially hotels, lounges, and more.

So if you are thinking of giving a new and current air to your business, take note of what will be a reality in the coming months.


Increasingly, companies advocate for the well-being and quality of life of their workers. Thus, it is common for them to have spaces specifically for leisure and rest, known as resting rooms.

This American concept consists of implanting spaces where you can stop at work and discharge the accumulated tension. Areas enabled as a cafeteria, games room, or rest, in which interpersonal relationships and creativity of employees are encouraged. This space should contain a range of leisure chairs to provide the needed comfort. 

The leisure chairs vary in their designs, materials, and colors. The best to choose would depend on the interior and the personal choice of the decorator. However, it is essential to ensure that you select the best for your office design. 


One trend in the design of a corporation like the hotels and lounges is the provision of open space. Here are no barriers, and the area is for other important furniture such as a specific number of leisure chairs, and other aesthetic items such as flower vases.

Besides, it promotes mobility and communication between the firm's members while increasing creativity and teamwork.


In addition to the open space, versatile furniture will give a more organized look to the interior. Think of the event centers in a typical hotel. There is a need for a set of furniture that adapts to the taste of the visitors. 

A piece of multipurpose furniture that adapts to the firm's different activities creates more flexible spaces.

The furniture trend comes to integrate pieces that serve in different spaces, uses, and tasks. For example, create an environment that serves as a meeting center, waiting room, or rest area. 


In recent years, office lighting has evolved. The appearance of LED lights and their high energy efficiency has changed, and this has influenced and enhanced the ideas of luminaires.

It is crucial to find the right balance between natural and artificial light for the optimal development of the company's activities. It is essential to do a light study where different types of lamps are combined for correct lighting.


One of the trends in the design of a typical workplace taking place the most is a natural style. Today, the predominating idea for hotel rooms and offices is an interior with sustainable materials, and neutral colors are portrayed with very bright light.

Architectural designs should be eliminated to allow the free flow of light, and this creates more spacious and cozy rooms. Such an arrangement triggers the mental well-being of the workers.


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